Halflings are the smallest of the major races, and to see their communities outside some major (and minor) cities, the most numerous (and growing). They tend to resemble small street urchins, wise beyond their years.

The Halfling of the Forgotten Realms have a light covering of hairy down all over their bodies, which is most noticable on the backs of their hands and tops of their bare feet. Often their faces are bare, though there are more than a few full-bearded halflings as well.

The Halfling people have a saying: “First there were Dragons, then Dwarves, then Elves, then Men. Then it’s our turn!” This attitude that all will turn out to their benefit (and be served up to them on a silver platter) is typical of the Halfling mindset; cocksure, confident, and with more
than a streak of larceny.

A Halfling’s appearance, similar to that of a small human child, belies the fact that this is a race with the same basic needs as any other. They live in many of the same areas as mankind, and may be considered a competitor.

Yet as opposed to being hostile, Halflings have a smug, far-sighted attitude that these lumbering giants will eventually leave, destroy themselves, or give themselves up, and that which remains will be theirs.

This is not to say that halflings as a race or individuals are evil, for they would do nothing to harm another unless harm had been inflicted on them. But the tendency to take advantage is strong. Many a human thieves’- guild has as its master-thief a small child-like creature who can sneak into and out of areas that larger folk cannot manage.

Halflings are delighted by the concept of money, which they consider a human invention which redeems the race. They enjoy gathering bunches of it, but unlike the dwarves and their ancient hordes, they see no point in keeping it, rather frittering it away on gifts, parties, and purchases. Money is a way of keeping score on how well you are doing against the lumbering men.

Halflings come in all shades and with the same variety of hair and eye color as men. They tend to respect their families as groups you do not steal from (though borrowing is permitted), and show a strong loyalty to friends and those who have stood up for them. There seem to be no racial sub-groups of Halflings, though to the far south there is said to be a nation of the creatures, called Lurien, whose inhabitants have pointy ears. Considering the fact that most of the other dominant races of the Inner Sea have come originally from the South, the idea of a Halfling Nation is disturbing in the least.

Many halflings live among the Big Folk in the human lands. They are resourceful and quick, perfectly at home among the sprawling human lands or living apart in their own settled communities.

The halflings’ name for their race is the hin, although most accept “halfling” with a shrug and a smile. They are at home living side by side with folk of many different races and cultures.

Regions: Some halflings are wandering traders, craftsfolk, and entertainers, A clan of several extended families may settle in a human town for a year or two, working and trading, and then pick up their stakes and move on for reasons known only to themselves. Many halflings prefer a more sedentary existence. Others settle permanently in just about any land in which humans live. Any region entry for a human land is acceptable for a halfling character.


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