• Andrei Krasnyi

    Andrei Krasnyi

    Antipaladin responsible for the undead invasion in Waterdeep
  • Blazidon


    A go between for employers to find adventurers and mercenaries
  • Brengadir Greyaxe

    Brengadir Greyaxe

    Dwarven caravan master
  • Corvell Larond

    Corvell Larond

    Man targetted and killed by black dragon in Amphail
  • Inquisitor Praetus

    Inquisitor Praetus

    Inquisitor, member of the Order of the Cleasing Fire
  • Iratus Pater

    Iratus Pater

    Paladin who asked to investigate house destroyed by a black dragon
  • Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun

    Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun

    A mage of fearsome reputation and power. Resides in Waterdeep
  • Logan Grimnar

    Logan Grimnar

    Lord of the Jarldom of Fenris
  • Malutt Mauksoun

    Malutt Mauksoun

    Master Carver of the Fine Carver's Guild
  • Mirt the Moneylender

    Mirt the Moneylender

    person to be used to contact Iratus Pater
  • Ongamar


    Very large bartender at Bowels of the Earth tavern
  • Onlar The Green

    Onlar The Green

    Long-dead mage who was a master linguist. His library is sought by the grop for a book that will help decode the encrypted book founf in Amphail.
  • Rikitikitiki


    Otyugh who was unhappy that the group had destroyed the golem who brought him food. He asked the group to replace the golem by going to talk to Troa.
  • Selaren Tirmir

    Selaren Tirmir

    Foreman at the lumberyard owned by Carvers guild
  • Troa


    A tinker-gnome found in the same area as Rikitikitiki. He is working on reparing several clockwork contructs. He has agreed to provide a replacement for the golem for Rikitikitiki if the group helps him to find the parts.
  • Zellan Sultlue

    Zellan Sultlue

    A haughty, self-absorbed noble