Population: 36,000

Government: Master of Sundabar, Helm Dwarf-friend, a former adventurer, who served in the Bloodaxe Mercenary Company. Member of the [[LordsÂ’ Alliance]].

Once a dwarven citadel, Sundabar was rebuilt by human refugees from Ascalhorn (now Hellgate Keep). This fortified city is known for woodworkers who make wonderful carved furniture, musical instruments and travel chests of unusual grace and durability. It trades extensively with the dwarves of Citadel Adbar and Sundabarian merchants are exclusive distributors for the wares of many prominent dwarven craftclans. It is the base for the Bloodaxe Mercenary Company

Economy: Trade, primarily with Silverymoon, Everlund and Citadel Adbar. Manufactures wood items of enduring beauty. Also receives defense subsidies from the LordsÂ’ Alliance to defend against Hellgate Keep.


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