Population: 19,000 men and 4,000 dwarves

Government: Elastul Raurym, Marchion of Mirabar, a fat, lusty, red-bearded man who loves pleasure and money.

Royal Badge: an upright, rust-red, double-bladed axe with a pointed haft and a flaring, flat base set on either a black or purple field (on ships’ pennants, it appears on white).

This mining center for the Sword Coast is a cold, gray stone city, surrounded by mines, quarries, and talus. Grim men and grimmer dwarves crowd its unadorned streets. Richest of the cities north of Waterdeep, its mines provide vast amounts of most known metals, fine gems, and high quality metal goods from its ever-hot forges. The Council of Mirbar meets each fall in
the Hall of Sparkling Stones to determine where and when to sell their metal, mindful of who will use it to forge weapons to make war on whom.

Merchant families of Mirabar are very competitive. House guards often battle openly when mines accidentally connect, or when two ore caravans meet on trade roads. The merchants of Mirabar own
many ships based in Luskan, but resent the High Captains’ threats to cut Mirabar off from the coast if their constantly increasing “harbor fees” are not paid up for years in advance. Marchion Raurym makes a point of traveling south to warmer climes before the onset of winter, to negotiate trade agreements with rulers who have many luxuries, but little metal. His 64 bodyguards wear platinum plate mail, and are commanded by four “hammers,” fighters named
Djassar, Hulmm, Kriiador, and Turvon.

Economy: Mining of ores and gems, metal refining and crafting.


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