To determine if a specific magical item is available, follow the steps below:

  1. Based on the Settlement size, determine how many items of each category are available. This will determine how many items you can look for an item in a ‘shopping session’. Items can be looked for concurrently. Use Online Dice Roller to explicitly roll for Minor/Medium/Major and include me in CC
  2. Based on the city size, look at the Base Limit. Any item whose value is equal or below is available 75% of the time. If the item falls in this limit, you must use this to determine if available.
  3. If the item is above the Purchasing limit, it is not available.
  4. If the item in between both of the preceding restriction, use the extended rules below
  5. Begin with the Base Availability By Type
  6. Add/subtract the Modifier for the Settlement Type
  7. Add/Subtract the Miscellaneous Modifiers
  8. Declare how long you will search for the item BEFORE rolling.
  9. Send an email (if not at the gaming table) with intentions listing items IN ORDER that you are looking for and time spent looking for each.
  10. Use Online Dice Roller to explicitly roll for each item. Ensure to identify each item in the ‘Comment’ section

All shopping for an item takes 1d4 days PLUS any extra time spent to increase your chances.

Type of Item Max Value
Minor Magical Item 1000gp
Medium Magical Item 10000gp
Major Magical Item 40000gp


Location Modifiers (pick 1)

Settlement Type Population Range Base Limit Purchasing Limit Minor Medium Major Modifier
Thorp Fewer than 20 50gp 500gp 1D4 None None -30%
Hamlet 21–60 200gp 1000gp 1D6 None None -20%
Village 61–200 500gp 2500gp 2D4 1D4 None -10%
Small town 201–2,000 1000gp 5000gp 3D4 1D6 None +0%
Large town 2,001–5,000 2000gp 10000gp 3D4 2D4 1D4 +5%
Small city 5,001–10,000 4000gp 25000gp 4D4 3D4 1D6 +10%
Large city 10,001–25,000 8000gp 50000gp 4D4 3D4 2D4 +15%
Metropolis More than 25,000 16000 100000gp Unlimited 4D4 3D4 +20%

Base availability by Type

Armor and shields 20%
Weapons 20%
Potions 35%
Rings 15%
Rod 5%
Scrolls 30%
Staves 10%
Wands 20%
Wondrous Items 20%
Masterwork Item 40%

Miscellaneous Modifiers (Pick any that apply)

Has Mage guild 5%
Member of Mage Guild 5%
Member of influential church 10%
Has guild for item type (jeweler, armorer etc) 10%
Successful DC15 Diplomacy check 5%
Duration of search(beyond 1d4 days) +2%/day,max 20%
Minor Item 0%
Medium Item -10%
Major Item -25%
For each 2000GP of value -1%

Use this tool to calculate your chances (alpha release)


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