The main idea behind restarting the campaign was twofold: my lack of interest in 4e and the amount of work needed to continue with a homebrew setting. Secondary to this was a lack of ideas on how to continue.

Therefore, the campaign concept for Path to the North is:

  • A ruleset that is known and of interest to me: 3.5 or Pathfinder. NOT Dnd 4e.
  • Logistics: a campaign setting that does some of the work for me. Hence, a published setting of some sort. Must be easy to adapt to the ruleset of choice: Pathfinder or 3.5
  • Sandboxy: A campaign that lends itself to “sandbox” playstyle to counter my tendency to railroad the group Adventure hooks galore.
  • Preferably a setting I am familiar with so as to limit my need to prepare.
  • Possibility of naval adventure.

The choice was Forgotten Realms 1e (TSR 1031) for all the reasons above. With a clearly defined sourcebook choice, it could be kept manageable and easily adapted to Pathfinder.


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