A go between for employers to find adventurers and mercenaries


Blazidon One-Eye (BLAZZ-ih-don)
Human male
Virgins’ Square (day), Bowels of the Earth (night)

By night, Blazidon makes the rounds of Waterdeep’s inns and taverns, befriending penniless newcomers to the City who might be willing to hire themselves out as fighting men or guards. By day, this grizzled old fighter, now retired, but still armed to the teeth and no pushover, can be found in Virgins ’ Square. Most caravan-masters know where to find him. For a copper piece per man hired , Blazidon will contact a hiresword for a client, and bring the two together to talk business in a little room off the taproom of The Bowels of the Earth tavern (#198, Snail Street and Simples Street, The Trades Ward).


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